A real-world recommendation engine for the IoT.

A 20%+ revenue building tool for brick-and-mortar success.

Machine Learning

The same technology that powers Amazon-like recommendation engines, built into your business.


Full coverage of your complete inventory and experience options with an ultra-specific, dense beacon overlay.


Real-time, machine-learning intelligence enables unique, customized responses for each customer.


The only automated, integrated, AI-powered tool to marry digital and physical for unstoppable revenue growth.

Your customer sees the app notification on her homescreen; a quick click and she's in the system. Firefly lights her way to the most relevant offers...

...in casinos.

...in retailers.

…in hotels.

…in restaurants.

A quick search in the app…

...lights up the most relevant products.

Firefly is an intelligent digital growth tool for any physical business. The seamless, responsive digital layer--powered by machine-learning technology and a dense beacon overlay--leads to 20%+ annual revenue growth.

What Makes Firefly Different

Most beacon technology requires manual control and hands-on adjustment. Firefly is unlimited, automated, and intelligent. It’s a self-managing sales growth machine, finally enabling physical businesses to match and outperform their digital competitors.

The Best of Cutting-Edge Technology

Built on laser-focused machine learning and a hyper-accurate recommendation engine, Firefly generates unique offers, in real-time consumer experiences, via the customer’s smart phone and a low-energy Bluetooth beacon.

The Pinnacle of Proven Revenue Growth

Standard beacon technology, generating sales growth over 20%, is only the beginning; smart offers created by Firefly are customer-specific, resulting in an even higher rate of conversion and a corresponding higher growth in sales.


Firefly does more and does it better than any other beacon technology.
Machine Learning

Real-time offer generation from hybrid, memory, and model collaborative filtering using Spark MLib, HBase, and Hadoop.


Scales to 100% of inventory, generates and tests offers with no manual A/B testing or marketing staff needed.

Mobile APPS

Android/iOS APPs and SDKs for both consumer offers and plug-and-play beacon administration.

Beacon Technology

iBeacon, Eddystone, or BLE for real-time and offline offer generation and data collection; GPS and iBeacon location monitoring.

Admin Interface

Web Admin APP to control beacons, create static offers, and manage inventory; analytics dashboards for real-time customer and store insights.


Plays nice with your inventory management/POS systems using cloud-based AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Dense Coverage

Compact beacon overlay provides 100% coverage of your inventory, more than any other beacon product on the market.

Complete Security

Microsoft-backed data security and automated intrusion detection for complete peace of mind.

User Privacy

Broadcast-only: consumer data is tracked (not recorded) only if the user opts in, and data is never sold or shared.

Data Protection

No loss of existing personal data, at any time, even if customers turn the app off and on.

Easy Installation

Drag-and-drop Mobile APP install, APIs for data import and export, complete integration with your current POS.

Revenue Growth

24/7/365 AI workhorse, a unique learning algorithm that leads to higher repeat sales and a 30% to 65% revenue increase.

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Our Partnering Teams have made Firefly one of the most intelligent products in the IoT space.

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Team Members

Jonathan Kotthoff

CEO and Founder

Human-Computer Interaction/User Experience, Machine Learning, & Customer Development expert with a passion for invention and new media.

Carol Leese

Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer

Business development and executive management expert with a proven track record of success and a particular focus in the entertainment and gaming spaces.

Patrick (Pat) Camp

Chief Operating Officer

CPA and PricewaterhouseCoopers alum with Controller, Treasurer, Director of Finance, and CFO experience and a driving passion for operations.

Gery Kotthoff

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Strategic marketing counselor and international, national, and regional marketing expert with wide experience in leading industry icons to greater success.

Jim Scott

Vice President of Business Development

Registered investment advisor, financial and marketing consultant for private business and banking industry with broad commercial and ag finance experience.

Alan T. (Al) DeBolin

Vice President of Business Development

Entrepreneur, business consultant, and performance improvement expert with success leading thousands of companies to better training and maximized output.

Annie Mueller

Content Director

Annie Mueller specializes in copywriting and content. Her work has been published by Entrepreneur, Success, U.S. Airways magazine, American Express Open Forum, Today, and NBC News.

Luis Manuel Gonçalves Torres


Developer with extensive experience in HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS with a passion for clean,  effective, intuitive design.

Stephen E. Ortiz MBA

Gaming & Hospitality Business Development Director

Steven Ortiz has deep experience in marketing, branding, promotions and reinvestment, He has amassed a broad range of experience in all facets of casino and hotel operations.

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